Smartphone market globally is booming. Thanks to so many apps, content and so much data, that the biggest concern for a smartphone user today is battery drainage. Once the phone battery goes low every user has the following options with them- mobile charger/powerbanks/phone specific battery packs. If one notices, all the 3 solutions are cumbersome, wired, or not universal for all devices. That’s exactly where we fill the GAP.
It took us 2 years to research well on this device and understand exact consumer needs. We undertook extensive consumer surveys across the country and asked users about what kind of device would be ideal for them to have a hassle free day when it comes to charging their smartphones. That was the germination of brand MOJOPAQ..
We are confident that this innovative solution will bring a smile to the faces of our esteemed customers. We welcome you to the World's First Universal Smartphone Charging pack.

Product features:

  • Wirefree
  • Simple Slide In Slide Out on to your smartphone
  • Magnetic connectors, presents ease of use
  • Universal, fits on to any phone, any size and any make
  • One device, for multiple phones
  • Intelligent charging, doesn’t need to be charged separately. Takes its own charge when attached to your smartphone
  • Wired charging, one slot to charge both phone and the device
  • Enables wireless charging for all phones including non Wireless Smartphones
  • Top Holder for Type C, Micro USB, iPhone Magnetic Connectors
  • Priority charging as you like.. take power either on phone, or device or both as you wish while charging them either wired or wirelessly
  • Expandable side clips, both upwards and sideways, to fit all phones
  • Extremely lightweight (100 gms), (9mm slim)
  • Comes with Built in 3000 mAH lithium ion polymer battery


Now enjoy hassle free charging ON THE GO, and continue doing your normal work routine without having to worry about your smartphone battery.
Enjoy wireless charging at malls, cafes, airports with our innovative device.
Share the same device with your friends and family when they need it most. It’s Universal Flaunt it for the sheer brilliance in technology and the looks

About The Founder

Rajeev Banerjee

A successful business manager with experience in the telecom, financial services and media sector. Profit centre experience of leading and handling large teams with multifunctional accountabilities. Successful 18 years of work experience in various startup sectors with an ability to take on assignments from scratch and giving it shape, thereby contributing significantly to the growth story of every Company. Hands on professional with high result orientation and an ability to manage complexity and change.

Professional Experience:

Vodafone, ICICI Prudential, Times of India and Hindustan Times, total 18 years of professional work experience.

Rajeev was a part of the core team formulating overall strategy, key business metrics, execution and delivery for the above Companies having joined them at the initial startup / new business roll out stage.

Initially started his corporate journey in the sales, marketing and business development functions while later moved on to handle regions and overall business P&L as Business Head/COO

Smartphone market globally is booming. Thanks to so much availability of apps and data, that the biggest concern for a smartphone user today is battery drainage.
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